Denver’s Latest Broadway-Style Musical Is For Kids Of All Ages

The newest addition to Denver’s Theater District is a fun, original musical for kids of all ages.

The show, Bruce The Goose, is set on Sloan’s Lake and explores the political back-and-forth between democracy and fascism, in terms everyone can understand and enjoy. The educational operetta inspires vigorous family discussions about civics, social studies, and politics.

The family-friendly production is opening November 28th at the new Jester’s Palace (formerly the Bovine Metropolis) downtown at 16th St on Champa. The intimate, newly-renovated theater seats just 66 audience members.

The show will run for three weeks from November 28th through December 12th. Performances take place on Sundays at 10am, 1:30pm and 4pm. (Learn more or get tickets.)

All proceeds benefit Save The Musicals, a social justice initiative giving free musical theater supplies to kids in Colorado. The all-volunteer organization currently awards grants to 14 Public Schools, where 420 student performers sing for audiences of 7,000 students.

Tickets for are available now at