Now Enrolling Singers for “Bruce The Goose”, a Broadway-Style Musical for Kids

Save The Musicals is enrolling singers of all ages in Denver to perform in “Bruce The Goose”, a Broadway-style musical for kids.

This Community-Theater show features the animals of Sloan’s Lake, suddenly caught in an unexpected political adventure you’ll have to see to believe.


Auditions are open to everyone.

  • WHAT: Auditions for “Bruce The Goose”
  • WHEN: 1–2pm Sundays
  • WHERE: 1527 Champa St. Denver, CO
  • WHY: Help bring musical theater to every child

There are no audition requirements and you do not need to prepare anything. Just fill out this audition application and show up to the theater ready to sing.

Rehearsals & Performances

Not all rehearsal and performance dates are required, but please come to the audition prepared with a list of any dates you can’t make. A typical run takes 3 rehearsals and 3 performances (6 weeks total commitment).

  • REHEARSALS: 1-3pm Sundays
  • PERFORMANCES: 1-5pm Sundays

All rehearsals and performances take place at The Jester’s Palace 1527 Champa St. Denver, CO.


Basic roles include singing/performing roles (including starring roles and understudies) as well as directing the show, choreographing, technical engineering, and designing sets, costumes, and lighting.

  • BRUCE THE GOOSE – A charismatic, ambitious diva who only cares about himself.
  • PUCK THE DUCK – A wise, prudent, humble steward who cares about everyone. She wears a flat cap.
  • BEA THE BEE – An anxious, hard-working, always-busy journalist with integrity. She wears a press hat and carries reporter’s journal and pencil.
  • EARL THE SQUIRREL – A nervous, frightened, paranoid father who believes anything he’s told. He wears a knit cap.
  • SCOUT THE TROUT – An upright, decent veteran who has to struggle just to survive. She wears a dixie cup hat.
  • CHORUS – A variety of animals throughout the Lake

We’re also looking for production help with promotion, public relations, community outreach, and leadership.

About Us

Save The Musicals is a nonprofit providing musical theater supplies and licenses to public schools free of charge. We currently award grants to 14 Public Schools, where 420 student performers sing for audiences of 7,000 students. Learn more or join us.

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