Auditions for Basie’s Song (Everybody Sing Along)

Musical theater is important for every child to experience.

Our second musical for kids is called “Basie’s Song (Everybody Sing Along)” and was written by Michelle G. Reiff. And you can play a part!

We’re holding all-ages auditions for cast and crew next Saturday afternoon, June 4th.

You can get started now at

Here’s the schedule for the show:

  • 2-4pm Saturday, June 4th – Auditions & Rehearsals
  • 2-4pm Saturday, June 11th – Rehearsals
  • 2-4pm Saturday, June 18th – Rehearsals
  • 2-4pm Saturday, June 25th – Performance
  • 2-4pm Saturday, July 2nd – Performance
  • 2-4pm Saturday, July 9th – Performance

And here’s the cast list of characters (some performers can play two roles):

  • Basie – A lonely upright bass. Basie has a song that’s teased and excluded by the other instruments
  • Flute or Clarinet – A snobby, bullying wind instrument
  • Violin – A snobby, bullying string instrument
  • Trombone – A snobby, bullying brass instrument
  • Conductor – A self-important director of the orchestra. The Conductor doesn’t stop the bullying
  • Raven – A friendly, inclusive, and wise bird who teaches Basie to be proud and self-confident
  • Animals – Friendly pond dwellers who want to include Basie
  • Maestro – Open-minded and kind orchestra director who helps Basie understand how important and versatile upright basses are
  • Tuba – A shy, large brass instrument who, despite being bullied in the past, is welcomed

We’re also enrolling volunteers to help with directing, set designing, costume design/construction, lighting design, stagehands, and community outreach.

You can learn more and sign up today at

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can do to help.