Save The Musicals features a group of skilled professional vocal coaches ready to ignite a passion for singing and help develop a voice

Learn to Sing

Our singing lessons help with all aspects of vocals, from proper warm-ups and basic voice training to best vocal practices and sustainability.

Voice Coaches in Denver

Our singing lesson programs are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable, yet challenged at every turn by an experienced voice coach. With our voice lessons, students will gain real skill through private lessons, group rehearsals and live performances.

Performance-Based Learning

Save The Musicals is where young singers and aspiring vocalists go to learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture and diction. These basic principles are key to strong vocal performances. Our expert voice teachers help guide beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo. Unlike most singing lessons, when students enroll in our programs, they can expect both weekly private singing lessons and group rehearsals. Our hands-on method builds musical proficiency through our performance-based music curriculum. All of our lesson programs include a performance aspect.

Singing Lessons for Everyone

Our vocal lessons offer professional voice training and singing lessons that will help practicing students reach their highest potential. Our expert vocal instructors focus on advanced singing techniques to add to a student’s existing vocal repertoire. Every program at Save The Musicals includes private singing lessons paired with on-stage rehearsals and live performances, all designed to lift students to a higher vocal level.

Singing Lessons for Preschoolers

Save The Musicals has a finely-tuned program that captures the attention of preschoolers, helps them discover their voice, and sets them on a path towards musical proficiency. Through playful exploration of rhythm, song structure, and melody, preschoolers are introduced singing and other instruments.

Singing Lessons for Kids

We make singing lessons for kids fun and engaging. Private voice lessons, group rehearsals and live performances help children learn how to sing in a comfortable atmosphere, no matter what skill level they’re at vocally. Expert voice instructors teach the basics like staying in-key, breathing and diction and advanced techniques like timbre and intonation. Based on age and skill level, kids join at least one of our programs for kids. Kids are natural-born singers. It’s one of their first experiences at self-expression and comes as effortlessly to them as speaking. For most children, singing is just plain fun. For some, it grows into a more serious interest. And when it comes to learning to sing, proper vocal instruction is important for developing good singing habits. But voice lessons can be expensive, averaging between $45 and $150 per week. And when it comes to kids, gauging their level of interest and commitment can be a moving target. That can add up to lot of money spent on a fleeting fancy. Save The Musicals offers the perfect, low-cost way to introduce kids to voice and music education while gauging their interest level and commitment to vocal training. Finally, voice lessons within your budget…. For Kids!

Singing Lessons for Teens

Our program famously turns teens into extremely skilled singers. Vocal students learn how to sing effectively through private voice lessons, group rehearsals under the supervision of our expert instructors, and eventually live performances. Singers improve through vocal training, proper warm ups, and useful singing techniques as they prepare to perform live on stage. All teens are enrolled in or audition for one of our programs for teens.

Singing Lessons for Adults

Students in Save The Musicals Adult Program (18-years-old and up) learn scales, how to keep tempo, and how to stay on-key as well as more advanced vocal techniques like voice sustainability. Vocalists hone their skills by learning how to sing songs in private singing lessons for adults, group rehearsals, and full on-stage performances. With expert training from our professional vocal coaches and the support of their fellow performers, singers lead up to live performances on stage.  

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes! When they are properly designed for Kids. Kids who love to sing are going to sing no matter what, and it’s common for them to try and recreate sounds they hear on the radio – which can “push” or strain their vocal mechanisms.

A child’s voice is much different than an adult’s and takes many years to develop into what we think of as an “adult sound”. And that is how it should be. No child, or person, should ever push their voice. So it is important to limit a child’s vocal development to a healthy use of their own “natural sound”. Proper vocal instruction that is geared toward a child’s capabilities is vital for developing good vocal habits early on that will not damage their developing voices.

Many 4-year-olds love to sing, but they likely lack the focus for formal voice lessons. However, it’s not too early to begin teaching your child musical concepts that will be important once they are old enough for singing instruction at Save The Musicals. Your 4-year-old can participate in the kids music program to learn fundamental concepts through fun, dynamic musical activities.

Practice is key, whether you are learning an instrument or developing a young voice. With steady practice and a good attitude, our singing lessons for kids can have your child singing with confidence in as little as 6 months. Some students reach the level of advanced singers in as few as 3-5 years, but results do vary from student to student.

One way to get your child to practice singing more is to inspire them every day. Start practices off with small increments of time, and, as their skill level builds, gradually increase the time spent practicing.

The bottom line is that it’s not the songs you practice, but just that you or your kid spends time learning to sing. To see the best results, our singing instructors recommend that students spend at least 30 minutes practicing to sing every day.

Singing can be a surprisingly straining physical activity. A quick vocal warm-up can keep your voice healthy and make you sound great. We also recommend that you properly hydrate and refrain from smoking.

If your child loves to sing, you probably knew it before they could talk. With persistence and motivation, some kids have learned to sing and perform at impressively young ages, but what it really comes down to is the individual attitude and maturity level of the student.